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National Passenger Survey - ScotRail outperforms UK

Tuesday 29 January 2013

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Nine out of 10 ScotRail customers are satisfied with their train services - equalling its highest ever rating.

In the key category of overall customer satisfaction ScotRail scored 90% - up one percentage point on last year and five points higher than the UK average for train operators.

The latest National Passenger Survey released today also reveals that ScotRail is rated more highly than UK train operators in 30 of the 36 categories, including the attitude and helpfulness of staff, punctuality and reliability, and ticket buying facilities.

Another highlight of the survey, published by independent watchdog Passenger Focus, was a record rating on providing information about train times/platforms - at 89% six points higher than the UK figure.

A number of categories also exceeded or equalled previous highest ever scores, including sufficient room for passengers to sit/stand and length of scheduled journey times.

Steve Montgomery, ScotRail’s managing director, welcomed the stronger ratings under the company’s programme of continuous improvements and initiatives.

“They show that ScotRail has maintained a high level of public confidence in our services,” he said. “The positive result on overall customer satisfaction is particularly encouraging as it reflects our hard work and commitment to the customer. However, there are still areas where we can do better and these will be a priority in the year ahead.”

He expressed disappointment that value for money fell seven points from 59% to 52% year on year, although it is still five points higher than the UK average.

There was also 10 point decline in satisfaction with facilities for car parking to 38%.

ScotRail stressed it is in talks with local authorities and other interested parties to deliver more car parking spaces and support the growing demand for rail travel, with passenger numbers now at a record 81.1million.

One innovative solution being looked at involves modular car parking systems – free-standing decks which can be installed on top of existing car parks or placed on new surface areas without needing traditionally excavated foundations.
On value for money, ScotRail cited innovations such as passengers getting free wi-fi on train services between most of Scotland’s cities by the end of this year, and a substantial roll-out of smartcard technology across scores of stations in the next few months.
It has already been announced that:

· ScotRail’s off peak fares will be frozen in 2014 – and, provided that the Retail Price Index (RPI) remains below 3.5% per annum, this freeze will continue until the end of the franchise in 2015

· Any increase in peak fares in January 2014 and 2015 will be capped at RPI - rather than RPI +1%

· And ScotRail’s off-peak fares will be pegged at RPI -1% from 2016.

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Notes to Editors:
The fieldwork for the Autumn 2012 survey by Passenger Focus was conducted between
1 September and 12 November 2012. Full details can be found at

First ScotRail runs more than 2400 trains a day with passenger numbers up 30% since October 2004.

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