Injury Prevention Programme Logo

"Always front of mind, safety is our way of life"

The safety of our customers and employees is at the top of our agenda in everything we do – from working practices through to service delivery and beyond.

The safety and security of our passengers and staff is fundamental to everything that we do. We continually seek to improve the safety culture throughout our business and apply a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to unsafe acts and practices. Over the past few years we have made great strides in improving our working practices and procedures and in monitoring our performance in this area. We are never complacent and continually strive to meet the highest possible standards of safety for our passengers and staff. For example, our programme of Injury Prevention is not only innovative but unprecedented in our industry. Injury Prevention has been rolled out across all of our operations and is designed to engage all our staff and encourage good safety practices to embed the safety culture in all of our operations.


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