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First Student Enters into Agreement with Collins Bus Corporation

Thursday 6 August 2009

Long-term agreement makes Collins Bus Corporation the exclusive provider of First Student’s Type-A buses.

First Student, a subsidiary of FirstGroup America, announced today a long-term agreement with Collins Bus Corporation, the largest manufacturer of Type-A buses in North America, to be the exclusive supplier for their Type-A bus requirements.  First Student is the largest provider of student transportation in North America and operates more than 60,000 buses. The agreement is for three years with options to extend for another two years.

Kent Tyler, president of Collins Bus Corporation stated, “As the largest manufacturer of Type-A buses in North America, we’re thrilled to announce this partnership with First Student. We have been doing business with First Student for quite some time; however, this formal agreement will allow both organizations to plan more effectively for future vehicle requirements as well as production capacity.”

First Student intends to purchase a variety of Type-A buses from Collins under this agreement, and Collins will start delivering buses immediately. The majority of these buses will be produced and delivered by Collins Bus during their non-peak production months of fall and winter.

First Student President Linda Bell said “We are pleased to have Collins Bus Corporation provide our Type-A buses. As the largest provider of school transportation it is important that we have the right vehicle for our customers’ requirements and ensure the continued safe and secure transportation of the 4 million children we carry to and from school each day”
John Doswell, vice president of sales and marketing for Collins Bus Corporation stated, “Through lean manufacturing and brand consolidation, our production capacity has increased substantially over the last three years, thus providing us the ability to add First Student volume with minimal disruption to our existing customer and dealer requirements.”

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