Trading Terms

All purchases of tickets on this website and any website to which you are directed from this website are governed by the following terms and conditions subject to variances more particularly detailed or referred to below in the case of FirstCard (West Yorkshire), and E-tickets (Reading RailAir). They are to be read together with any other applicable terms and conditions but supersede any such other terms and conditions if and to the extent they are inconsistent.


There are some words which are set out in these terms which have specific meanings. These are denoted by capitalised terms so that:

"Applicable First Operating Company" means the First Bus company with which you choose to travel.

"E-Ticket" means a ticket supplied to the purchaser by e-mail as a unique code number, to be used for access to the Reading RailAir on a specified date or dates.

"FirstCard" means a travel pass which entitles the customer to purchase tickets (using value stored on the FirstCard) for travel within the Bradford Boundary.

"Photocard" and/or "Photo ID" means a card supplied by the applicable First Operating Company and bearing a unique number to which the user of the ticket must attach their passport-type photograph. The ticket issued by First will carry the same number.

Payment Options

Online payment on this website is through Worldpay, part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, using its service payment scheme.

Full payment is required in advance unless an instalment payment option is being offered. Ticket validations for instalment option tickets will be issued as payment is made.

Conditions of Carriage

All travel undertaken as envisaged by this website is subject to the Conditions of Carriage of the Applicable First Operating Company.

Contract Formation

This website makes the contract formation process clear; you may change your mind and no contract has been formed at any stage up to the point when your payment details are authorised and your order is accepted by the issue of a ticket.


The ticket prices detailed on this website are for a selected range of products, and do not include VAT. Please note that other ticket types and fares may be available through other sales outlets. Your enquiry provides us with only limited information and therefore no guarantee can be given that the ticket sold by this site is the most suitable for your purposes. If you require assistance or further information on other fares available or the most appropriate ticket for you, please contact the Applicable First Operating Company.

Tickets sold are valid for travel in zones and areas as specified by the Applicable First Operating Company, apart from the following standard service exemptions:

  • Park & Ride
  • Late night services
  • Inter Urban/Express Services
  • Tours & Excursions
  • Rail Air and shuttle services (except where specified)

These exemptions are not exhaustive and we recommend that you contact the Applicable First Operating Company for the area in which you intend to travel or visit for details of any other local exemptions.

Tickets remain the property of the Applicable First Operating Company and must be produced at any time during the journey when demanded by an official of the Applicable First Operating Company. Where relevant both the Photocard and ticket must be shown by a user when boarding. Passengers failing to produce a current valid ticket must pay the appropriate fare and claims for refunds in such cases will not be allowed. Tickets are valid for the period shown on the ticket only. Where a PhotoCard is required tickets presented without the Photocard or with an incorrect ID Number will be confiscated. Out of date and invalid tickets will also be confiscated. The Photocards remain the property of the Applicable First Operating Company and will also be confiscated if presented with an invalid ticket. Claims for refunds or extension in the case of reduced or depleted services will not be allowed unless the Applicable First Operating Company unilaterally fails to provide a published service. Tickets are not transferable and do not confer any priority on the holder over other passengers.

Tickets are sent either by first class post in the UK at no additional charge or, at the customer's request, can be sent by recorded delivery with a special handling charge. In both instances we will endeavour to post the tickets within five working days of receipt of the order but we cannot guarantee that timescale.

You must check that your ticket details are correct on receipt of your tickets. If your ticket details are incorrect in any way, please contact the helpline number on the letter included with your tickets quoting your order number.

You are entirely responsible for the safe keeping of your ticket/cards and FirstGroup plc or the Applicable First operating Company take no responsibility whatsoever for lost or stolen tickets/cards.

Price and Payment

Price and Payment Options are as identified on this site and selected by you. For all non-instalment ticket options the price specified must be paid in full before the tickets are despatched.

Cancellations and Refund Policy


You have the right to cancel any purchase made on this site within seven working days of placing the order using the Contact Us section of this site or by e-mailing us at and quoting your order number. If you subsequently receive a ticket you should also immediately write by first class post to UK Bus Ticketing, Unit 20, Time Technology Park, Blackburn Road, Simonstone, Lancashire BB12 7TG with the same details enclosing the unused ticket. It is your responsibility to return the ticket at your own expense.

On notice of cancellation, if we have not already despatched your ticket we will refund all monies paid. If we have already despatched your ticket we will await the receipt of the ticket by us and provide a refund within 30 days of receipt of the returned ticket. If the ticket has not commenced its validity period all monies will be refunded. If the ticket has already commenced its validity period, the refund made will be in accordance with our refunds policy.

If you fail to pay any instalment on its due date, or fail to provide proof of student status where required, or if any information about you which you provided proves incomplete or inaccurate, then we shall be entitled to cancel all further ticket allocations.

FirstGroup plc reserves the right to cancel any tickets which have been obtained in any fraudulent manner.


Refunds of tickets during their validity period will be considered on your written request. If allowed, the refund will be paid pro rata to the total monies received against the number of days of validity left on the ticket (on the date we receive the ticket for surrender) less an administration charge as specified by the Applicable First Operating Company.

Special Considerations for Specific Ticket Types

Contact Details

Bus tickets purchased on this website are sold by UK Bus Ticketing on behalf of the Applicable First Operating Company. The service of UK Bus Ticketing is limited to the fulfilment of orders placed through this website, and any queries concerning past orders or delayed or missing tickets should be referred to UK Bus Ticketing by email only at with details of the order placed.

Any queries or complaints concerning the terms and conditions of the tickets offered or purchased should be sent directly to the Applicable First Operating Company (click for local contact details) with explanatory information on the ticket and/or the order reference as appropriate.

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