Go Smart!

English National Concessionary passes can be used as a Smartcard on your First bus. First have invested £27 million on new ticket machines - your pass automatically records on the ticket machine so there's no need for the driver to issue a ticket.


Simply hold your pass against the card reader on the ticket machine and wait until it beeps. Then, just show your pass to the driver to confirm you're the authorised holder & take your seat.

'Blind' pass holders can continue to show the driver their pass - however if you prefer you can use your pass as a Smartcard.

What if my pass doesn't work? You can still travel - your driver will record your pass manually and issue you with a ticket. You should contact your card issuer to arrange for a replacement pass so you can go smart on future journeys. In West Yorkshire, call into your local Metro Travel Centre or call MetroLine on 0113 245 7676.

Elderly and Disabled Permit Holders


If you are of state pensionable age and over or registered disabled and hold a valid English National Concessionary Permit you are entitled to free travel on our buses after 9:30am Monday to Friday and all day weekends and Bank Holidays. Simply show your pass to the driver as you board and you will be issued with a boarding ticket (please hold onto this, as it contains important information about your journey).

Before 9:30am Monday-Friday the full adult fare is payable.

If you are a resident in West Yorkshire please visit Metro's website for more information on applying for a pass. If you are resident outside of West Yorkshire, please contact your local authority for further information.

Blind Permit Holders

If you hold a Metro blind permit you are entitled to free travel on our buses at all times. Just show your pass to the driver as you board.

Companion Permits

If you hold a Metro concessionary pass (blind, disabled or elderly) showing the companion symbol, then one companion is entitled to the same concession as the pass holder. You don't have to travel with the same companion every time you use our buses, but your companion does have to board and alight at the same stop as you.