Mobility Scooters on low floor Buses

Mobility Scooter

First takes accessibility of its services very seriously. To improve access to local bus services for users of mobility scooters, First has worked with other bus operators, the Confederation of Passenger Transport and the Department for Transport to develop the Mobility Scooter Code of Conduct. There is no legislation on the carriage of mobility scooters on local bus services and therefore this has become something of a "grey area" with different policies and practices. The Code is designed to be a clear and concise guide to the carriage of mobility scooters on local bus services, thereby reducing confusion and uncertainty for users and helping to prevent situations of disagreement and conflict concerning accessibility.

For further information or to arrange a training session to obtain a 'permit for travel' please use the contact details below:

Contact Details
Contact Name: Natacha Tagholm (Regional Customer Services Manager)
Address: First
Enterprise House
Easton Road
Telephone: 01173 736671