As part of our commitment to providing accessible travel for wheelchair users virtually all our buses have a dedicated area for wheelchair users; other passengers are asked to give up the space for wheelchairs.

When your low floor bus arrives at the bus stop you can ask the driver to lower the step and/or ramp to allow you to board.

Please ask the driver for assistance if you require any help.

You should reverse your wheelchair into the dedicated area on board (so you are facing the back of the vehicle) and apply the brakes.

Aisles and gangways must be kept clear at all times.

Wheelchair users have priority over everyone else for the use of the designated wheelchair space, since this is the only place in which they can travel safely. Non-wheelchair users, unlike wheelchair users, will normally have a choice about which part of the bus to sit or stand in.

Common decency and respect for wheelchair users should mean that other passengers make way for them. Passengers are urged to offer cooperation in allowing proper use of the designated wheelchair area.

If the wheelchair space is occupied with a buggy, standing passengers or otherwise full, and there is space elsewhere in the vehicle, the driver will ask that it is made free for a wheelchair user. Where a pushchair or buggy is occupying the space, the driver will ask that it is repositioned, moved to another part of the bus or folded and stored in the luggage space, where available.

Please note that the driver has no power to compel passengers to move in this way and is reliant upon the goodwill of the passengers concerned. Unfortunately, if a fellow passenger refuses to move the wheelchair user will need to wait for the next bus. If the bus is full or there is already a wheelchair user on board unfortunately we will not be able to carry another wheelchair user.