Advertise On Our Buses

Advertise On Our Buses

Advertising on our buses is easy...

For advertisers looking to make a bold, unmissable statement, buses offer a variety of highly creative large format opportunities.

First in Devon & Cornwall carries over 18 million passengers a year with just under 400 vehicles serving a network of routes including Truro, Penzance, Plymouth, Torbay, Tavistock and Barnstaple (and most places in between!)

From covering a whole bus to wrapping the sides or rear buses have fantastic scope for eye-catching design as well as the ability to showcase brand messages to consumers on the move in Devon & Cornwall. For smaller businesses we can offer interior advertising at a very competitive rate.

Where to book your advertising

Exterion Media


On-bus (including external and internal cove panels)

ExterionMedia Contact Information
Agency: ExterionMedia
Contact: Julie Wheeler
Website: ExterionMedia website
Tel Number: 01752 491860

Ticket Media

Ticket Media

On-ticket (reverse side of bus tickets)

Ticket Media Contact Information
Agency: Ticket Media
Contact: Glenn Haynes or James Weller
Webstite: ticketmedia website
Tel Number: 08000 286 778