Corporate Sales


Our experience in transportation and achieving carbon reduction targets has given us the knowledge and expertise to advice on green travel and the benefits of sustainable transport. We have developed a range of solutions to suit your business needs...

Corporate Travel Club (CTC)

This club provides organisations and their employees the exclusive opportunity to benefit from discounted bus travel on all First services in the Devon & Cornwall area. The offer relates to the purchase of an annual season ticket which can be paid for on a monthly basis.

Benefits include:

To the Employer

  • Reinforces an organisation's environmental agenda and travel plans
  • Aids improved employee engagement - good news story for employees
  • Roadshows/Travel clinics promoting sustainable travel options to employees
  • Easy to join - no ticketing/invoicing
  • Bespoke CTC helpline for employees-ordering tickets and general queries

To the Employee

  • Save up to 38% off the price of an annual ticket (by purchasing monthly)
  • Easy payment scheme - Monthly debits.
  • Tickets sent direct to employees home address and debited against their account
  • Exclusive insurance offer for Corporate Travel Club members
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Saves on the increased cost of driving to work and parking

Please note: the Corporate Travel Club is only available to businesses and not to the general public.

Cashless Bus Vouchers

Corporate clients are able to purchase bus vouchers that can be redeemed on any First bus. Daily/Weekly vouchers are available. These vouchers are suitable for organisations that perhaps currently fund travel out of petty cash and are looking for a cashless system which would be easier to administer and provide a clear audit trail. Even companies who want to encourage staff to use public transport would be interested in the voucher scheme. Many organizations purchase these vouchers in the run up to Christmas to offer to staff who may want to have a festive drink.

Park & Ride

Plymouth's excellent Park & Ride services offer a high frequency value for money travel solution and we can offer your company a range of tickets from 10 journey ticket books (saving ££s on walk on fares) to yearly passes which include free travel at weekends. Our George and Milehouse Park & Ride services are operated by some of the most environmentally buses available and offer a sense of luxury with leather seats, on board radio headphone sockets and LCD screens.

For more information or to discuss other options that are available please contact Steve Hobbs, Commercial Business Manager, by email: or tel: 07792 310280 and he will be happy to put together a plan to suit your company's requirements.