Regional Customer Charter

Passengers are advised that all journeys on First bus services in the South East & Midlands are subject to our standard Conditions of Carriage, we also work to a Regional Customer Charter.

You can obtain a copy of our Customer Charter which include Conditions of Carriage by downloading a copy here.

At First we pride ourselves on keeping our promises. It's important that our customers know that we're constantly looking for ways to improve our services, and that we'll always follow-through on our commitments.

We promise to:

Listen to our customers

A local forum of the Bus Users United Kingdom (BUUK) was established to liaise directly with them and our Customer Care Line was introduced to do this (08456 020 121).

Achieve a higher standard of customer service & reliability

Research conducted by an independent company found that we had achieved just that and our own self-monitoring systems remain in place to make sure things stay that way.

Keep our customers updated about our services

We produce a range of network service booklets, timetables and new bus stop flags and continue to publish updated information about our services on our website.