Boarding the bus

When your 'buggy friendly' bus arrives, you should lean the buggy onto its rear wheels, move the buggy forward and lower the front wheels onto the bus. You can ask the driver to lower the step if you need to. Do not try to board when the step is lowering, as you could trap your buggy's wheels between the step and the kerb.


  1. Make sure your buggy is in the special 'buggy zone' on board
  2. Apply the brakes and keep hold of your buggy at all times
  3. Never leave your child or buggy unattended whilst on board
  4. Don't hang shopping or other bags on your buggy, it could overbalance

When getting off the bus

  1. Before attempting to get off the bus make sure that it is not in the process of kneeling. This is to prevent your buggy’s wheels becoming trapped between the bus step and the kerb
  2. Lean your buggy back slightly on to its rear wheels and move forward until the rear wheels are at the edge of the step. Lower your buggy, keeping it as level as possible until the wheels make contact with the ground
  3. Remember, you can always ask the driver to lower the step for you

There is limited space for buggies on board our buses, this can vary depending on the bus, the number of buggies and the size of the buggies. If there are already buggies on board the driver may ask you to fold your buggy. Please help us make the trip safe for everyone and don't block the aisles or exits of the bus with your buggy.

Currently, not all of our buses are 'buggy friendly', in which case, you will need to fold your buggy and stow it in the luggage rack. Don't worry, the driver will give you time to do this.

When a wheelchair user needs to use the wheelchair space

Wheelchair users have priority over everyone else for the use of the designated wheelchair space, since this is the only place in which they can travel safely. Non-wheelchair users, unlike wheelchair users, will normally have a choice about which part of the bus to sit or stand in.

Common decency and respect for wheelchair users should mean that other passengers make way for them. Passengers are urged to offer cooperation in allowing proper use of the designated wheelchair area.

If the wheelchair space is occupied with a buggy, standing passengers or otherwise full, and there is space elsewhere in the vehicle, the driver will ask that it is made free for a wheelchair user. Where a pushchair or buggy is occupying the space, the driver will ask that it is repositioned, moved to another part of the bus or folded and stored in the luggage space, where available.