Corporate Sales

We're living through tough times for business. And this economic situation makes it harder to reward and motivate valued staff. Pay rises, bonuses and even perks like parking spaces are becoming harder to justify.

Our Corporate Travel Club could save the employees in your company money. It's a great perk you can offer your staff and only costs your organisation a small one off set up fee.

The Corporate Travel Club provides exclusive, discounted* travel to any member of your staff who chooses to use it.

It works like this:

  • You sign up as a Partner organisation
  • We send you a certificate of Partnership, as well as material to help you promote the club in the workplace
  • Your individual employees sign up by calling us on a dedicated phone number
  • Tickets sent direct to employees home address
  • Responsive support and attention to detail from start to finish

When you sign up as a Partner to the First Corporate Travel Club, it could also make a major contribution to your company's environmental performance, and may help you promote your business as more responsible and sustainable.

What's more you'll be in good company as all these companies have already signed up as Partners to Corporate Travel Club.


*Discounts may vary by region and are compared to monthly tickets sold on the bus. First reserve the right to withdraw this discount.