Why become a Partner?

Big savings for employees

Bus travel is a great money-saving alternative for many people living and working in cities, towns and rural communities - especially when you take into account recent increases in the cost of fuel, parking and train fares.

With the Corporate Travel Club from First Bus, your employees could save even more. We will fix the cost of the season ticket for the entire year - so even if bus fares rise, employees will continue to pay the same. And as the savings are exclusive and offered in partnership with your company, they will essentially be a benefit provided by you, the employer.

Less hassle, less carbon and less cost

There are so many benefits to using the Corporate Travel Club.

  • Staff travel costs will be reduced
  • The fight over car parking spaces will be a thing of the past
  • Your company's carbon footprint will be reduced
  • Minimal admin' as employees sign up direct with us
  • All we ask is you help publicise the scheme in the workplace using posters and leaflets supplied

When an employee signs up, we'll issue their ticket and arrange payment from them. You don't need to do anything.