Standard Fares

You should ensure you are in possession of a valid ticket for your entire journey. If purchasing a ticket from the driver always ensure you take the ticket issued to you and retain it for your journey.

If you have a pre-paid pass then please show this to the driver on boarding the bus.

You may be asked to show your ticket by a company official at any time during your journey, failure to produce a valid ticket may mean you will have to pay the full fare for the journey again or you may be asked to get off the bus.

Should you be caught travelling with a forged ticket then the police will be called and we will always press for a criminal prosecution. We also reserve the right to reclaim any lost revenue through the civil courts.

The Company's officials are authorized to charge penalty fares to passengers:

  • Found without a ticket, pass or permit
  • Travelling to a point beyond that paid for
  • Misusing pre-paid tickets
  • Travelling at discounted fare without the required photocard
  • Any other breach of the Conditions of Travel at the Company's discretion

The penalty fare is set at the level of £50 and is payable within 21 days.