What’s it all about?

We launched a consultation in early 2013 to understand more about what people wanted from their bus fares in Bristol.

7,500 people took part in this and unsurprisingly lots of them told us that they wanted bus travel to be cheaper in Bristol. In addition to that though we also heard a strong message from customers young and old about the need to make things simpler, more transparent and fairer across the board for all people.

So, in response to what people said, things are changing completely from 3 November. From that date we'll have a completely new fare structure in Bristol with new clearer, simpler and perhaps most importantly, bigger and fairer zones. Oh yeah and the bus fares will be cheaper too. Great news eh!

Put simply, we're changing the way we calculate fares in Bristol.

Single tickets

The cost of single tickets within a newly created inner zone (an area stretching six miles from the city centre in all directions) will be based on the route distance you travel, with four new single fares available:

• £1 three stop hop (up to three bus stops)

• £1.50 for a journey of up to three miles

• £2.50 for a journey of between three and six miles

• £3.50 for a journey over six miles but within the inner zone boundary

Return tickets

Return fares within the inner zone will be withdrawn, but day tickets will remain (and will continue to offer the best value for those making multiple journeys, or for people travelling long distances and wanting to return the same day).


Children (5-15) will be entitled to 50% discounts on all tickets in the inner zone (including singles) and on all period tickets (including day tickets) in the outer zone.

Young people

Young people (16-21) will be able to get access to 30% discounts on all tickets in the inner zone (including singles) and on all period tickets (including day tickets) in the outer zone.

In essence everything is changing, but it should be simpler, and most importantly cheaper for most people from 3 November.

Find out more about the new fares here

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