Your Personal Bus Service

At First we're listening to our customers - you've told us that you want reliable, clean bus services driven by friendly staff that give you value for your money. We are working with our local partners, like TfGM to encourage more people to use their local bus services.

Our local teams are more important than ever & they are working hard to deliver this with improvements on our High Frequency routes - core routes in Greater Manchester that operate at least 5 buses an hour, Monday-Saturday daytime.


On your high frequency route you will see:

  • New look buses with new, local liveries
  • Cleaner buses - we're introducing new cleaning programmes at our depots
  • More reliable buses - we're using the latest GPS technology to manage your bus service
  • Improved customer service on board
  • A major marketing campaign to improve customer information & attract new customers

You can see these improvements now on services 36/37, 58/59, 81/81A, 162/3, 180/4, 409, 471, 501, 582 in Greater Manchester – with more to be added over the coming months.

Routes 36 and 37 Maps

Routes 36 and 37 map

Routes 58 and 59 Map

Routes 58 and 59 map

Route 81/81A Map

Route 81/81A Map

Route 180 and 184 Maps

Routes 180 and 184 map

Route 162/163 Map

Route 162/163 map

Route 180 and 184 Maps

Routes 180 and 184 map

Route 409 Map

Route 409 map

Route 471 Map

Route 471 map

Route 501 Map

Route 409 map

Route 582 Map

Route 582 map

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