Student Tickets


Our student tickets can make your money stretch further!

Exclusively for students, our range of unlimited travel tickets save you money on your bus travel. Just pay the price shown and you don't need to pay another fare - just show your pass to your driver each time you board. No need to mess around with change first thing in the morning, or worry about having the cash to pay for travel at the end of term.

You'll need a passport sized photograph the first time you apply for a First student ticket. If you're renewing, just give us your photocard number (unless you want to replace a dodgy picture!)

Our unlimited travel tickets are valid on all First services throughout Greater Manchester.

Our tickets are also available on mobile using our mTicketing app

Ticket Prices
Greater Manchester Student Term 3
Valid from 01 April 2015
Expires 12 July 2015
Unlimited Travel in Greater Manchester
First Greater Manchester Student Month
Valid for one calendar month
Unlimited Travel in Greater Manchester