ftrmetro has arrived in Swansea.

ftrmetro is an exciting new concept in public transport that is making travelling easier and more comfortable in Swansea. ftrmetro is now fully up and running on the city's streets linking Morriston, the City Centre and Swansea University/Singleton Hospital.

Experience Convenience

  • Dedicated roads and bus lanes speed up your journey
  • Priority traffic signal system keeps ftrmetro running on time
  • Get journey information direct to your mobile or computer
  • Improved facilities and information at ftrmetro stops
  • Infotainment screens keep you up to date with your journey onboard

Experience style and Comfort

  • State of the art vehicles
  • Light and spacious interior
  • Comfortable ergonomic seating
  • Air conditioning
  • Low floor easy access
  • Smoother journeys

The Route

Time-saving features on the route

City Centre ftrmetro track - 2 way track between Orchard Street and Civic Centre provides dedicated roadspace allows ftrmetro and other public transport to pass through the City-Centre traffic-free.

The Express busway is a dedicated 2 way road for public transport controlled by bus gates allowing ftrmetro to avoid congestion between Hafod and City Centre.

New road layouts and priority traffic lights at Martin Street and Cwm Level roundabouts, and a 2 way bus bypass at Normandy Road Roundabout avoids queues and keeps ftrmetro moving

Other measures on the route include priority for ftrmetro at traffic lights and access through the University and Singleton Hospital which is restricted to other traffic.


City and County of Swansea

ftrmetro is a partnership between the City & County of Swansea and First Cymru, who operate this new public transport system. The infrastructure works were funded by the Welsh Assembly Government's Transport Grant and partly by the European Objective One Programme.

European Union Objective