Frequently Asked Questions - North Region Committee

Where can I get an application form?

You can get an application through the following options:

Request an application via email:
Request an application via post:

Arlene Livingstone
395 King Street
AB24 5RP

How do I submit my application?

You can submit your application by email or by post:


Arlene Livingstone
395 King Street
AB24 5RP

Are there any deadlines for applications?

There are no deadlines for applications. The North Region committee accepts applications throughout the year. Please note applications can take between 6-10 weeks to process, therefore please ensure your application is submitted well in advance of your required financial commitment or activity date.

If I am not a registered charity can I apply?

Yes, individuals and community groups are welcome to apply to the North Region committee. However your application must fall within our charitable criteria which include:

  • Young People
  • Health
  • The Environment

How much can I apply for?

There is no upper limit set you can apply for, however, please bear in mind that the North Region committee consider a high volume of requests per month and have a limited budget. As a guide we suggest you look at the National committees past donations to gain an indication of the amount you would like to request. Please find details on past donations by visiting the FirstGroup website and looking at the electronic copies of the Charity and Sponsorship newsletters.

My application was turned down, can I apply?

You can apply up to four times in one calendar year. If you have previously received funding from the committee, you can reapply one year after your last successful application.

Why was my application unsuccessful and can I receive feedback?

Any decision made by First with regards applications is final. First will not, under any circumstances, enter into any discussion with an applicant regarding any such decision. The committee receive a large volumes of applications each month and unfortunately we unable to give donations to all applications.

I have submitted an application to the National Charity and Sponsorship Committee, can I also apply to the North Region Charity and Sponsorship Committee?

Yes, you may submit an application to both the National and North Region Committees. However, if your application is successful you may not submit further applications to either committee for a period of one year.