Advertise On Our Buses

Advertise On Our Buses

Advertising on our buses is easy...

With over 1,000 buses operating on our comprehensive network of services in West & North Yorkshire, your customers are never far from one of our buses.

From covering a whole bus to a small ad on our tickets, bus advertising catches the attention of consumers on the high street and passengers on the bus - depending on which media you choose.

Where to book your advertising

Exterion Media


On-bus (including external and interior advertising)

ExterionMedia Information
Agency: ExterionMedia
Contact: Wendy Mullins
Website: ExterionMedia website
Tel Number: 07966 564043

Ticket Media

Ticket Media

On-ticket (reverse side of bus tickets)

Ticket Media Contact Information
Agency: Ticket Media
Contact: Glenn Haynes or James Weller
Webstite: ticketmedia website
Tel Number: 08000 286 778