Corporate Sales

Your trusted bus travel partner

Solving your employees' travel needs

With First Corporate Travel Club

You can save your employees' money with discounted annual travel bus passes.

With an Annual Loan Scheme

You can purchase annual tickets on behalf of your employees and claim the cost back through their salaries.

With Cashless Solutions

You can manage your employees' travel arrangements and ensure your public transport costs reach their intended destination.

With First Transport Solutions

You can receive a full needs analysis of your business travel and transport requirements by simply contracting our Business Support.

  • We have around 6,400 buses
  • Operating in over 40 towns and cities
  • Carrying 1,600,000 people every day

Take a look at our products in more detail, click on the links below.

Our products offer great travel solutions for many industry sectors, below are just a few examples of the solutions offered to many of our clients. Click on the PDF link to read the case studies.

Sector Organisation Solution PDF
NHS Salford Royal Foundation Trust Corporate Travel Club Corporate Travel Club - PDF - (841.25 KB)
Retail JD Williams Contract Bus Service Contract Bus Service - PDF - (757.13 KB)
Education York College Ticket Agent Ticket Agent - PDF - (980.31 KB)
Training Training for Today Cashless Solutions Cashless Solutions - PDF - (1.13 MB)
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