If you use Park & Ride on a regular basis why not take advantage of our minsterCARD, exclusive to Park & Ride customers.

minsterCARD offers discounts on weekly and monthly travel, plus the convenient 'Stored Value' version provides the ultimate in flexibility, enabling you to use your minsterCARD as and when you need it without worrying about your card expiring.

For daily users

Whether you want to budget on a weekly or annual basis we've got just the ticket.

  • Weekly - £11.20
  • Monthly - £44
  • Annual - £440

For regular, non-daily users

Simply ask for a stored-value minsterCARD when you next visit one of our Park & Ride sites. Pay £5 or more (whole pounds only) in advance and each time you travel, ONLY £2.50 return will be deducted from the value stored on your card, a saving of 30p on the normal fare each time you travel. Plus, there's no time limit on the use of your stored-value minsterCARD and you can even pay for the fares of one or more people using the same card (if you're feeling generous!).

Please note that minsterCARD is available exclusively to customers using the Park & Ride services in York. minsterCARD is only valid for travel between the Park & Ride sites and the city centre, not valid for travel from intermediate stops.

For more information or queries about minsterCARD simply visit one of our Park & Ride site offices, where our Park & Ride Supervisor will be more than happy to assist.

Please note a refundable £5 deposit is required for purchase of a Park & Ride minsterCARD.

Travelling into the city has never been easier!

Fares shown apply from Sunday 4 January 2015