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Who is First Student UK?

Delivering the service

First Student UK is an operating company of FirstGroup, a market leader in provision of school bus services in North America. First Student America transports over 2million students everyday on behalf of over 400 school districts.

FirstGroup is changing the way our children travel to school. We aren’t just offering the “yellow school bus” but the whole package of a safe, reliable and tailored service to meet the requirements of the local community, schools and parents. The experience of First Student America, coupled with the synergies of existing operational bases around the UK has encouraged us to introduce similar services over here.

In the US, school buses are recognised as being one of the safest forms of transportation. At FirstGroup safety is paramount in all that we do. We recognise the huge responsibilities that come with transporting children and work hard to ensure that school buses retain the “safe” reputation they have earned.

In the UK we have an existing and essential operatingbase in more than 40 towns and cities across the country. As a result we enjoy substantial economies of scale ranging from fleet purchase, through to operational flexibility and experience. As the leading operator we have already built many successful Quality Partnerships with local authorities in the areas we serve.

Since 2000 we have successfully introduced 13 Yellow School Bus schemes across the UK. We now transport over 8000 students daily.

First in Halifax is the largest provider of Yellow School Bus services on behalf of West Yorkshire PTE, operating 81 school buses daily on behalf of the PTE’s “My Bus” dedicated school bus scheme. First Student and First in West Yorkshire successfully piloted one of the first Yellow School Bus schemes in the Huddersfield and Calderdale area in 2000. We worked closely with the local council and PTE to assist in their efforts to prove the benefits for students and the community. Consequently, the PTE were awarded a record £18.7 million funding from the DfT to pilot the biggest Yellow School Bus project in the UK.

First Student and First Beeline (Berkshire) successfully piloted one of thefirst Yellow School Bus schemes on behalf of Runnymede Borough County Council.This scheme is today oversubscribed and very popular with parents, schools andstudents.

First Beeline (Berkshire) are proud to have been awarded the contract to operate Surrey County Council's first dedicated school bus scheme, "Pegasus". This innovative scheme offers primary school age children and their parents a real alternative to the family car.

Working in partnership with local authorities we have ensured and documented the success of Yellow School Bus pilot schemes in addressing government initiatives such as:

  • » Reduction in peak time congestion achieved through positive
       modal shift from cars
  • » Reduction in environmental pollutants
  • » Decrease in truancy rates
  • » Decrease in bullying and anti-social behaviour incidents

First Student UK is actively involved with industry bodies, government departments, and independent policy makers and continues to promote the benefits of a high quality, safe and secure dedicated Yellow School Bus scheme throughout the UK.

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