First Student - Our report card

Our report card

Who is already benefiting from First Student?

Every day First Student carries over 2 million students inNorth America and over 8,000 students to and from school inthe UK - and this is growing. The success of the service - and the impact itcan have on student lives - was highlighted in a recent customer satisfactionsurvey, targeting both parents and students.

  • » In the UK we have a customer satisfaction rating of 98%
  • » 96% of our customers feel safer using the First Student school bus service to other modes of transport
  • » 94% of our customers would recommend the First Student service to others
  • » 12% of our customers would not be able to attend their chosen school were it not for the unique way the First Student service is run

Yellow School Bus in action

One service delivers growing numbers

Delivering growing numbers

A private school in the North West of England suffered dwindling numbers on its three school bus routes; serviced by three separate companies. Called in to help rectify the situation, First Student discussed with the school the benefits of bringing all student bus services under one roof; delivering a more professional, marketable service that could be used to grow the potential catchment area.

First, we talked to the people who would be most affected by the service, through parent evenings and open days. Then we painstakingly plotted routes to maximise student safety and accessibility. On day one the service ran at 35% capacity, up on previous years but way short of our targets. But our commitment to developing open relationships soon delivered results, as more and more parents felt they could trust the new school bus; a trend we have experienced across a lot of regions.

Within the first year of operation, buses were running at just under 100% capacity, with more routes planned for the future.

Six into six equals… yellow!

After the local bus company withdrew its services, a school in the Hampshire region was left needing six buses, with only six weeks until the new term. The school turned to First Student who, in a race against the summer holidays, planned child-friendly routes and timings, and had a First Student school bus service up-and-running in time for the new school year. As autumn turned to winter, the waiting list grew longer and longer.

Demand is now exceeding capacity and we are working with the school and the council to extend the service.

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