what is touch card?

It's a smartcard created by First West of England and designed to help you use the bus.

It works by storing your bus ticket on the card, replacing the paper tickets that you previously would have bought and used.

It’s really simple to use. You get on the bus and as the name of the card implies you simply touch it against the ticket machine. Both you and the driver will then be able to see what is on the card, and assuming everything is valid, you will be able to take a seat for your journey.

The best thing about touch card is that it is reusable. When your current ticket has expired you will be able to top the card up – either on the bus or in the travel shop.  Oh, and because it’s credit card sized it fits neatly into your wallet / purse too!

why are we introducing this?

Smartcards are durable and help make travelling by bus easier.

You will be able to store your bus tickets on the card, keeping it neatly in your wallet or purse. And unlike paper tickets it’s harder to accidentally wash your touch card because you forgot it was in your jeans pocket.

Moreover the development of touch card is part of our plan to make bus travel even easier and more convenient.

what tickets are available?

You can buy the following tickets to load onto your touch card. All are available as adult, child, student or young person variants:

• FirstWeek Inner or Outer Zone in Bristol and Bath

• FirstMonth Inner or Outer Zone in Bristol and Bath

• Multi-operator Rider (Adult Only) Bristol, Bath, Avon and Weston

• Bath Inner Zone Single Trip 5 or 10 pack

• Bath Park & Ride 10 Journey (Adult Only)

• Bristol Inner Zone Short Trip 5 or 10 pack

• Bristol Inner Zone Long Trip 5 or 10 pack

You will be able to buy these on the bus or in the travel shop.

To find out more about tickets and zones click here.

how do I top up my card?

You can top up your touch card on any of our buses in the Bristol or Bath area or at our travel shop at Bristol Bus Station or Bath Bus Station.

To buy the ticket on the bus simply ask the driver for a new ticket to be loaded on and he or she will do the rest.

what will my online account show me?

Create a touch card account to manage your details (this will automatically happen when you request a card).

• status of tickets purchased

• what journeys you have made

• update personal details and passwords

For journey planning...

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